2018 Winter Lesson Series

The popular Winter Lesson Series is back on the 2nd and 4th weekends of the month Jan – March. Saturdays  will be at ‘His Way Farm’ and Sundays will at Pure Gold Stables.

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to ride at ‘His Way Farm’ yet; I would like to share a couple links that will help you find your way and become familiar with this lovely facility: Google map and a clinic report with pics and video. As you can see from the pictures the arena is huge and the lounge very comfy.

Pure Gold Stables is another lovely facility that boasts a heated indoor and a lounge.  Stalls are also available.  More information on the facility and directions can be found on the Pure Gold website.

All participants will need to sign release forms (scroll down for links) before riding.  For those who have not been to either of the facilities before, please be sure to check out the Google map link below.

‘His Way Farm’

2nd and 4th SATURDAYS of the Month



‘Pure Gold Stables’

2nd and 4th SUNDAYS of the Month

pure-gold-winter      indoor

This is a wonderful opportunity to get help with honing your skills over the winter months so you’ll be ready to go when the competition season arrives.  Even if you don’t have any competitive goals; it’s still a great opportunity to get out of the house and spend some quality time with your horse and hang out with your horsey friends and perhaps even make some new ones.

This lesson series will have different subjects each lesson. Participants do not have to attend all the sessions but they will be progressive in nature. Since most of people don’t have access to an arena of this size all the lessons will be jumping with a fair amount of flat work to prepare you and your horse for the jumping. Riders will be grouped together based on the level of the rider and the horse.  The cost of the lessons is $35 each.

 Groups will be limited to 4 or 5 riders which will limits us to approximately 20 – 25 riders / day. Spots will be assigned on a ‘first come’ basis and you must use the on-line registration form.   

Sign Up now

If the level you want to sign up for is full; please sign up for the level that best suits you and your horse and we will put you in an appropriate group. All registrations must be received by the Wed before the lesson for scheduling purposes.  Late entries may be accepted if there is an appropriate spot available. Any lesson that is cancelled less than 24 hours before the lesson is responsible for the lesson fee unless the spot can be filled from the waiting list or the road conditions are unsafe.

A   HWF Release Form and / or Pure Gold Release Form  must be signed before riding. Payment may be made the day of the lesson via cash or check.  Please make checks payable to Stone Gate LLC.  Payment may also be made via PayPal by clicking the links below:

I’m looking forward to working with you and your horse and hoping that the prediction for the colds snowy winter is wrong!


Dates & Lesson Descriptions

Jan 14 & 15 – Developing Focus, Balance and more – This lesson will begin with flat work using HorsePhysio exercises designed to improve the rhythm, straightness and balance of the horse & rider through the use of ground pokes and  cavaletti.  The lesson will move forward to jumping which will be improved after working on the exercises …. at least that’s what we’ll be working towards 😉 

Jan 28 & 29 – Gymnastics there will be 3 different gymnastics set up with something for every rider and every horse no matter the level to help both rider and horse improve their jumping skills.

Feb 11 & 12 – Developing Instincts of both the horse and rider – aka survival skills:  this lesson will be similar to the first day at a Lucinda Green Clinic where a variety of unusual questions will be set up such as narrow faced fences, points, corners, interesting angles and distances where the rider will learn to ride the horse with the correct rhythm, energy, line and balance so the horse can figure out the answer to these questions.  These skills are necessary for riding cross country courses successfully and safely. Even those riders who will never ride a cross country course, these exercises will help to develop the partnership between the horse and rider.

Feb 25 & 26: Course Work – riders will practice developing the ‘quality’ canter required to jump a course smoothly throughout. Both straight line bending lines practiced before putting it all together in courses.  The courses will vary depending on the level of the horse and the rider.

March 11 & 12: Combination Lesson which will have elements of the previous lessons depending on the needs of the horses and riders.

March 25 & 26 –   Riders Choice – Participants can make requests for what they would like to do it this lesson