SGF Horse Trials Pre-Event Letter to Competitors

Welcome to the Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials.  You should be able to find everything you need to know on the Stone Gate Farm Fall Horse Trials page (you may need to scroll down to the icons for links to times, dressage tests, maps etc) but here are a few things that I would like to remind you about:

  • First of all you are invited to join us for a competitors’ party in the dome Sat night where we are going to make the announcement of our BIG NEWS!!  Competitors and volunteers are free. There are a limited number of tickets available for $10, check with the secretary.  Since this is a very last minute thing we won’t have tables and chairs so if you want something to sit on you’ll have to bring your own.
  • Start Times & Stabling Assignments will be available by Wed Sept 14th or sooner. In the mean time you can now see what division you’re in by checking out the Overall-Schedule to get an idea what time you ride.  Those with multiple rides, not to worry, we juggled your times to give you as much time as possible between rides.
  •  Results can be accessed anytime during the competition at the link above, but please remember if they say ‘provisional scores’ they are not finalized
  • Packets will be available up by the house in the motor home if Penne gets it back from the shop by then; otherwise Penne will be set up on the front porch.  Feel free to park in the from parking lot before going down to stabling but please don’t block the drive.  Packet pick up will ony be available until 7:00PM on Fri and again on Sat starting at 7:00 AM.
  • Competitors who DO NOT have complete entries MUST have what they need to make your entry complete before you are given a number
  • Your Rider Rep is Amanda Wilson.  Her phone & Stall numbers will be posted with the secretary.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the drive to stabling is one way.  Incoming traffic has the right of way.  ONLY  trailers of stabled horses are allowed down below as space is very limited.  Cars MUST NOT take a trailer parking spot.
  • The drive will be open during dressage, however, please DO NOT go past during a test that is closest to the drive.  This goes for vehicles, horses, and pedestrians!
  • When going to Show Jumping warm up from the parking area, please do NOT go onto the cross country course.  Please refer to the farm map.
  • Dressage Tests are as follows:  Prelim – Test A, Training – Test B, Novice – Test B, Beginner Novice –  Test B, Starter – Beginner Novice Test A
  • A Shuttle Service will be available on Sat. We will have pick up points at the house, the dome and show jumping.  A phone number will be posted.
  • The BLUE barrels with the recycling symbol and the hole cut in the top are for RECYCLING ONLY: empty glass, plastic or cans.  Please no trash!
  • Stabling:
    • One bag of shavings is provide, more available for purchase @ $7/bag. Click here to pre-order
    • NO SHAVINGS BAGS in the garbage cans.  You can stuff them behine the port-a-jons and in the two areas at the south ends of the barn that have equipment in them.  Thank you.
    • Parking is very limited, please follow the instructions of the parking attendant. Any tents set up must NOT take a trailer spot. Unhooked trucks must be parked in front of the trailer.
    • Stall numbers for the two large barns on on the cement floor in front of the gate.
    • The lights are run off of a generator and will be shut off at 11:00 PM on Fri night.  You may want to bring a flash light or a headlamp. Stalls in the small Pipe Barn # 59 – 70 do not have lights.
    • All stalls have gates
    • Stalls must be STRIPPED to have the ‘muck check’ destroyed.  You can still sign up for the $10 stall cleaning service
  • There will be extra garbage bags, TP and bee spray in the dome.
  • FINALLY: the two strips of hay fields between the parking field and the cross country course has recently been seeded with $3,800 worth of alfalfa.  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES walk on these strips.  Thank you!!

Thanks for coming, hope you and your horse have a great time and that your experience at Stone Gate Farm helps in the development of the partnership with you and your horse!!

Jackie, Dave and the entire Smith family