Mini Trials

Aug 3rd Update:

  • Check out the NEW Finding you way around SGF which includes getting to and from cross country
  • During dressage in ring 3 you will have to either go around ring 3 or wait until the completion of a test to get to show jumping.  The ring should be done by 10:00
  • Please: ONLY recycling in the recycling cans and ONLY garbage in the garbage barrels.  There are extra bags in case they should get full.
  • We sometimes have a bee problem in the stabling area, there is bee spray on the table in the dome
  • Stalls must be left stripped if you have not paid for the stall cleaning service.
  • Parking in the stabling area is ONLY for those who have stalls.  Cars are NOT to be parked in trailer spots. Please ask the parking attendant if you have any questions.
  • Here’s the link for times, stall assignments and results
  • Please be ready to ride at your scheduled time as the schedule is tight.  As soon as the horse before you does their final salute, enter the ring and take one lap around the inside of the ring at the trot then exit and wait for the signal to start.
  • We will be using paper numbers for the entire competition.  A limited number of plastic number holders will be available for $13.


July 31 Update:

  • The Overall Schedule is now available
  • Times and stall assignments will be available by Wed evening
  • We STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS.  Click here to sign up

July 28 Updates:

  • Printable cross Country maps are now available. 
  • Intro and Very Green riders will be doing their dressage and warm up in the new limestone ring near show jumping
  • In the interest of time and safety for the lower levers (Intro, Very Green & Starter Only) riders who are in the day parking lot may access dressage and jumping warm ups by going down the hill just below the announcer’s tower through the pasture
    • to get to dressage warm up head towards the water jump
    • to get to and from the jumping phases, go through the stabling area.

July 27 Updates:

  • Entry Status – please check to make sure all your information is correct and if you owe anything.  We are scheduling this weekend and it is infinitely easier to change divisions before we schedule.
  • Cross Country maps are now available on My Course Walk or  scroll down for direct links
  • Schooling:
    • Wed Aug 2 you can sign up to do Show Jumping Rounds, work in the dressage arenas and cross country school
    • Sat Aug 5th Cross Country 10:00 – 4:00
    • Show Jumping Schooling Rounds & Fix a Round are available – click here to sign up.
  • We are in desperate NEED of volunteers.  Please if you know anyone who can help have them sign up



Competition Date:      Aug 6

Opening Date:              June 20

Closing Date:                  July 18


  • On-line entries are preferred. Enter on-line
  • Payments should be sent to Penne Colao, Secretary .

                1431 Shanango Rd   Darlington, PA 16115

  • Late entries will ONLY be accepted if registered and paid for on-line AND if there is space available.  Contact secretary for availability BEFORE making a late entry.
  • Current coggins are required
  • A 2017 SGF Release Form (Link below) must be on file
  • USEA Release Form (link below) must be signed for each Mini Trials
  • We are using paper pinnies and NO bridle numbers.  If you need a pinny holder you can purchase them at Big Dees
  • The cross country courses will be different each Mini Trial
  • If you have a question please e-mail  PLEASE DO NOT text, Face Book or e-mail Jackie; she is too busy to respond and you may never get your answer 😉
  • The Mini Trials follow the USEF Rules for Eventing with exceptions to the USEF Rules for Eventing for Intro and Very Green

Release Forms: Click on the link below for the NEW on-line release form with electronic signature.  The on-line release form will be valid for the entire calendar year.  USEA Release forms need to be submitted for EACH competition.  If a competitor is under 18 and won’t have a parent attending the event; please send signed release form(s) with the competitor..

Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining the USEA

dressage horse

Dressage Tests

Cross Country Schooling will be available week before shows by appointment

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StartBox: entry status, times, stall assignments, results

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2017 Aug Mini Trials Maps

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  Northeast Ohio Mini Trials Series