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For those of you who have been coming to our farm over the years, you are aware that we do our best to keep fees as reasonable possible while continuing to make improvements that benefit all who come to the farm.  We have been able to do that by doing the majority of the work ourselves but Dave & I aren’t getting any younger and  we still have to buy materials and pay for work that we can’t do ourselves.

With all the expense that we incurred with the recent facility improvement we have thought long and hard about passing some of the expense on to you, the competitor. We could charge higher entry & schooling fees, add a grounds fee or office fees.  Although some entry fees have gone up slightly we have decided that we will not be charging grounds fees or office fees at this time. As a result of that decision, we are going to try the sponsorship route this year.

Asking for money is not something that I enjoy doing and I’m not very good at but here goes.  Please check out the new Sponsorship page and see if there is a level of sponsorship that works for you or perhaps you might know someone who would like to become a sponsor.  Any type of sponsorship no matter how large or small could go a long way to help us to continue with improvements while keep fees stable.  But we NEED participation!

We’re hoping that many of you will see the benefit to you, your horses and the sport  participating in our quest to have a vibrant sponsorship program. Thanks for your consideration.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you and to another busy season!




Mountain Trail Challenge


Check out the NEW Mountain Trail Challenge Page!

NEW Farm Map

ALL DAY PARKING will be at the bottom of the hill near the stabling and new show jump arena.  In addition the secretary will be located in that area (will vary depending on the competition), food, scores and awards.

There will also be a designated volunteer parking area and check in tent, which again will vary depending on competition. Finally there will be a new covered view area between the parking and the show jump arena.  Scores will be posted there and there will be a ‘photo booth’ area on the back side.

Farm Map ~ '18

New Volunteer Awards

Volunteer of the Month

We’re happy to announce that we will be naming the ‘Volunteer of the Month’ beginning in May.  The winner will be based on volunteer hours logged in with the Volunteer Incentive Program   To be eligible volunteers must have an individual account (not a family) and sign up and check in with with VIP.

Awards will vary from month to month as we are asking competitors to make donations  as way of showing their appreciation for the countless hours put in by the many volunteers. There will be a Volunteer of the Month basket where people can place their donations.  Donations can range from sunscreen to a gift certificate to a restaurant or a bottle of your favorite beverage to my personal favorite CHOCOLATE!  Use your imagination and have a little fun.

All of the SGF competitions are available on the VIP website, just look for the Stone Gate Farm logo.  Sign up now to get the assignment of your choice.



Winter Lesson Series Lesson Schedule

His Way Farm WLS Schedule
8:30 Training – Jon Heather Strawbridge
8:30 Training Heather Krysty
8:30 Training Molly Patrick
8:30 Training Grace Gyetko
10:00 Prelim Brooke Molde
10:00 Prelim – Dahlia Lisa Hennings
10:00 Prelim – Demi Bailey Hennings
10:00 Prelim – Forrest heather strawbridge
11:30 Novice Wendy Campbell
11:30 Novice Victoria Zinsser
11:30 Novice Anthony Delsavio
11:30 Novice Kalynn Radzanowski
1:00 Training Barbara Lyons-Sprouse
1:00 Training maria temperini
1:00 Training Noell Sivertsen
1:00 Training Melissa Knox
2:30 Starter Molly Tubbs
2:30 Starter Michelle Tubbs
2:30 Starter – VG Jane Gillespie Woolfie
3:45 Starter Jane Gillespie Dallas
3:45 Starter or BN maria temperini
3:45 Beg Nov Amanda Gantz
3:45 Beg Nov Noell Sivertsen
Pure Gold Stables Lesson Schedule
Sunday Feb 25
8:00 Starter Alden Test
8:00 Starter Katie Taylor
8:00 Starter Molly Patrick
8:00 Starter Jane Gillespie Dallas
9:30 Beg Nov / Novice Pamela Kendrew
9:30 Beg Nov / Novice Brooke Mihalik
9:30 Beg Nov / Novice Francine Yates
9:30 Beg Nov / Novice Brandi Podboy Aiden
11:00 Beg Nov Nicole Holman
11:00 Beg Nov/Starter Laura Podboy
11:00 Beg Nov/Starter Carter Gillespie
12:30 Starter Jane Gillespie Woolfie
12:30 Starter Kimberly Rowe
12:30 Starter Hanna Seifried
1:45 Training Brandi Podboy Lily
1:45 Training Melissa Esposito
1:45 Training Jen Bolyard
3:00 Starter Ann Newhouse
3:00 Starter Jenna Mcdonald

2018 Winter Lesson Series

The popular Winter Lesson Series is back for the 6th year!! Lessons will be on the 2nd and 4th weekend of the month with the Sat lessons being at His Way Farm and the Sun lessons at Pure Gold Stables. Lessons will begin Jan 13th running through the end of March.

NEW FOR 2018:

  • In order to give everyone a fair chance at getting a spot we will ONLY accept registrations 1 month at a time.  The new sign up will be available the 4th SATURDAY of the month at 9:00 PM, so mark your calendars and don’t miss your opportunity.
  • The lessons are now $40 as there has been a $5 increase in facility rental.  I think you all will agree that the facilities are worth every penny!
  • You can now sign up for stalls at the same time as you sign up for lessons

Mark your calendar for the Sign Up dates, the 4th Sat of the month @ 9:00PM

  • January Lessons ~ December 23rd
  • February Lessons ~ January 27th
  • March Lessons ~ February 24th

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Accepting Late Entries for the Fall Horse Trials

Yesterday was closing date and we’re a little low on entries therefore we are accepting entries through Sept 7th.
Entries MUST be made AND paid for via Xentry
P/T: $180.00
N /BN: $170.00
Starter: $120.00 USEA Starter fee does not apply
FEH: $45.00, plus the $10.00 USEA Starter fee.
Fill a out the USEA_2017_HT_Classic_Entry_Form_Fillable with electronic signature and e-mail to and pay with PAYPAL to
Additionally a limited number of tack stalls will be available for $50.