Accepting Late Entries for the Fall Horse Trials

Yesterday was closing date and we’re a little low on entries therefore we are accepting entries through Sept 7th.
Entries MUST be made AND paid for via Xentry
P/T: $180.00
N /BN: $170.00
Starter: $120.00 USEA Starter fee does not apply
FEH: $45.00, plus the $10.00 USEA Starter fee.
Fill a out the USEA_2017_HT_Classic_Entry_Form_Fillable with electronic signature and e-mail to and pay with PAYPAL to
Additionally a limited number of tack stalls will be available for $50.

News & Notes

Check out the latest News & Notes‘ and SGF Horse Trials Updates

July 12 SLS Schedule

Here’s the schedule for tomorrow. Sorry this is late, but with the monsoons yesterday I seriously thought we would have to cancel/reschedule. With that being said, please check your e-mail in before leaving home in case we get a ton more rain tonight or it looks too iffy weather wise tomorrow.

If you don’t see your name on the schedule it’s because you didn’t confirm or I just messed up. We certainly can fir you in.

Jan you can ride at 2:00 with Kyle or if you would like to schedule a different day with me we can work that out. Barb & Neville, if you would rather do more of a gymnastic type of lesson you can ride in the 2:00 group.

If we need to reschedule, it will be either Mon or Tues.

Gymnastics with Jackie

9:30 BN Samantha Yates
BN Brenda Reeves

10:30 Starter/BN Brooke Mihalik
Starter/BN Pamela Kendrew
Starter/BN Kerry Varble
Starter/BN Teresa Davis

12:30 Starter Stephanie George
Starter Jane Gillespie
Starter Brenda Reeves
Starter Kerry Varble

2:00 Nov/TRN Wendy Campbell
Nov/TRN Izzy O’Brien

Course Work with Kyle

11:00 Samantha Yates Training
Isabella O’Brien Training
Erin Neville Training
Barbara Lyons-Sprouse Training
Bar & Erin could ride at 2:00 with Jackie

2:00 Jan Yosay dressage

5:00 Grace Gyetko Novice
Heather Krysty Novice

6:00 Jennifer Milliner BN
Amanda Gantz BN
Alexis McKenzie BN

Mini Trials Cross Country Schooling Update

June 24 Cross Country Schooling Update: 

The sun is shining and the course is drying up nicely, the pasture is good but the Start field and around the back pond are still a bit soft.  We will start schooling @ 1:00 and close at 6:00 however we ask that you keep your jumping to a minimum so as to preserve the footing for the competition!

We ask that only competitors school today.  non competitors may school on one of the other schooling dates.

Additionally the front parking field is solid, just avoid the bare dirt which is marked with barrels.

Please do NOT ride on the new limestone ring as it has not been graded or compacted yet.


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR MINI TRIALS COMPETITORS: Due to the heavy rain today we are backing up the start of cross country schooling to 1:00 and running to 6:00. We will re-valuate the conditions in the morning and plan accordingly. We may have to limit the schooling to ONLY competitors and competitor will be asked to only jumping each fence on their course one or two times to reserve the footing for Sun.

Please check the website or FB tomorrow morning before leaving home. I will be making a post between 10:00 and 11:00 Saturday morning. PLEASE DO NOT call, text, FB message or e-mail!

Our ground drains very well with the exception of around the back pond and the first field and I am very hopeful for good conditions on Sun if we don’t beat things up too much tomorrow.

Mini Trials Updates

June 23 Update:

Printable Cross Country Maps

Beginner Novice will ride TEST B

June 22 Update:

  • Due to last minute changes and additions some of the times may have been tweaked slightly.  It has also made the time very tight for the Beginner Novice Rider B riders.  Please plan accordingly
  • Stone Gate Farm is going GREEN … besides the recycling containers we are not printing programs please check out the overall schedule posted on the June 20th Update and the Division Times.
  • Tomorrow (Fri)is the last day for any Big Dee orders to be brought down for this weekend. For anyone who wants to buy pinny there Jen Oxley can accept checks or credit card. No cash as she won’t have change


June 20th Update:

  • Cross country maps are now posted (scroll down to the bottom of the page)
  • Click the Finding you way around SGF  link for a farm map to help you find your way around
  • If you need a plastic number holder you can order one at Big Dee’s and tell them that you need it for the SGF Mini Trials and Jen Oxley will bring them out for you.  She will also be bringing a few extra with her.
  • Be sure to either check your  e-mail or check back here for a pre-event letter with more information
  • Times will be available by Thurs or before
  • If anyone would like to school in the dressage ring, cross country and do show jumping rounds tomorrow, sign up here.  You must have a ground person to school cross country. If you would like help cross country schooling contact Kyle at 330-277-6592.
  • Overall Schedule and Notes
  • Times and Stall Assignments
  • There are still some spots available for the Sat Show Jumping Schooling Rounds

Stabling Reminders:

  • No shavings bags in garbage cans.  Thee may be put behind the porta Jons, at the south end of the east barn or in the dome
  • Bedding is NOT provided
  • Stalls must be stripped, no manure, bedding or hay .  If they are, stall deposit check will be destroyed or you may pay $10 for the stall cleaning service.

General Reminders:

  • SGF & USEA release forms must be on file
  • Dressage tests and Cross Country maps are at the bottom om the Mini Trials page,

Mini Trials Updates

Check out the Mini Trials page for the latest updates … more to come.