Instructors’ Certification Program YEH Workshop Oct 3 – 4

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Following the announcement of the new USEA Instructors’ Certification Program (ICP) Young Event Horse (YEH) Professional Trainer and Instructor Certificates,  Stone Gate Farm is excited to announce that they will be hosting the first workshop Area VIII.

The two new ICP Certificates include the Young Event Horse Instructor certificate and the Young Event Horse Professional Trainer certificate. Young Event Horses are defined as 4-/5-year-olds. To read more about the capabilities necessary to earning either certificate, click here.

A significant purpose of these additions is to support and complement the USEA’s Young Event Horse program via ICP education and certification of high quality instructors of riders of young event horses (YEH Instructor) and high quality professional trainers of these young horses (YEH Professional Trainer).  Further, the smart breeding and early horse training and care encouraged by the USEA’s Future Event Horse program must be followed by developmentally appropriate and humane principles and well applied ridden training practices in order to increase the likelihood that every horse has the chance to be all that he or she can be.

Individuals participate at a YEH Workshop who are interested in becoming certified as a YEH instructor or a YEH professional trainer.  Or, even, both!  Doing both at the same YEH Workshop means that you will both instruct and ride YEHs during each of its three days.  The YEH Workshop focuses its first day upon young event horse dressage training, its second upon young event horse show jump training, and its third upon young event horse cross country riding and training.  An ICP Workshop is full with 8 candidates and is led by an ICP YEH faculty member.  If the workshop does not fill it will be shortened to 2 days.

Participating candidate, you are required to obtain, complete, and return to Nancy Knight the YEH Instructor Registration Form or the YEH Professional Trainer Registration Form before taking an assement but not required before a workshop. 


Capabilities Necessary to Earning an ICP YEH Instructor/Professional Trainer Certificate, Bronze Level

ICP YEH Workshop Entry Form

ICP YEH Professional Trainer Registration and Recommendation Form

ICP YEH Instructor Registration and Recommendation Form