Dressage Show & Test Clinic


Revised Wed Morning

2017 Dressage Show & Clinic Schedule

This is a schooling show and a ‘fix a test’ clinic. It’s a great opportunity for horses and or riders who are new to competing or those who just what to improve their competition rides in a low key environment.

The clinic includes and assisted warm-up and the Judge’s critique. The warm will be coached by Kyle Smith (CCI** competitor, trainer, and ICP instructor) who will help the rider with the warm-up process to best prepare their horse for the test (last 20 minutes of the warm up). Riders will then ride their test and it will be scored for the competition. After the test the Judge, Jackie Smith (competitor, ICP instructor, trainer, and USEF Dressage Eventing Judge) will critique the ride and assist the rider with problem spots. If you enter a second test, it will be ridden immediately after the Judge’s Clinic unless otherwise requested. You may ride the same test twice or a different test but you must enter the tests separately.  If you would like to ride the same test twice you may do so by clicking on that button twice.

Riders do NOT have to ride in the clinic; they may simply enter the desired tests.

Because the Winona Horse Trials is the following weekend and we’re extremely busy we are ONLY accepting online entries and payment for this show to ease the workload and avoid mistakes.  If you are new to Blue Horse Entries, first create an account. Then search for the event and submit entry. If you need any assistance submitting online entry, email ridewithus@bluehorseentries.com, or call 859-493-2125.

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