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Directions to Stone Gate Farm & Finding Your Way Around the Farm

31407 Schneider Rd.   Hanoverton, OH 44423

Stone Gate Farm is located in the rolling hills of Columbiana County just east of State Route 9 and north of State Route 172 about 20 miles due east of Canton OH, 6 and a half miles south of Salem and a couple miles from Guilford Lake.

Here’s a link to a Google Map which not only shows you the location of the farm, but the location of sites for off grounds stabling (if needed), motels and restaurants.

Trailer Friendly Route: GPS may take you to Whinnery Rd., instead, come down S.R. 9. Take a look a the Google Map above.

Step One:

From the North on SR 11: The GPS may take you down to Lisbon which is not the quickest way. Exit at either the Canfield exit or SR 46.

Heading South on SR 9

From the North on SR 9

From the North on SR 9:  Schneider Rd. is 6.3 miles south of Salem and SR 45. Schneider Rd will be at the bottom of a hill and only goes east (left).

Heading North on SR 9

From the South on SR 9

From the South: Schneider Rd. is also at the bottom of a hill as well and is one mile north of SR 172 and only goes to the east (right). Look for the Schneider Rd. sign and the Stone Gate Farm sign on the at the end of the road.

Step Two:

Once on Schneider Rd. (coming from SR 9): Stone Gate Farm is 3/4 of a mile on the right hand side.

  • The house and day parking for competitions are located on the farm.
  • For those coming for a lesson or stabling for a competition, go past the main entrance and go to the bottom of the hill and take the next drive on the right which will take you past the dressage rings and the dome and to the stables.
  • Be sure to turn RIGHT at the dome for the best traffic flow as there is limited room for parking.

Below are some pictures to help you find your way around once you arrive. 




Farm Map


Stabling Area Map Mini Trials