Cross Country Schooling


  • $25/horse
  • $35/the day before the Mini Trials for horses not entered in Mini Trials
  • $50 for a cross country lesson with Kyle or Jackie (includes the schooling fee)
  • Show Jumping – when available $15/horse

Cross Country Schooling is available 4 different ways:

1. During  or at the conclusion of the following competitions:

2. The day preceding the Mini Trials

  • June 28
  • Aug 2

3. The Wed after competitions (will include show jumping course)

  • May 14
  • May 21
  • June 18
  • July 2
  • Aug 6
  • Sept 24
  • Oct 8

4. By Appointment: Please e-mail or call     330-222-2089 (may need to leave a message) or send a text message to 330-277-6964

Cross Country Schooling is weather dependent! You may be limited as to where you can go depending on the conditions.

If in doubt PLEASE call first.

Please observe the following rules:

  • Park by the stabling barns
  • Check in with secretary for a pinney (for schooling days held in conjunction with a competition)
  • For those who are coming on non competition day; check in upon arrival by calling the cell phone number above
  • We must have a 2014 SGF Release Form on file.
  • For those who are schooling on a non competition day; payment should be left in the locking mail box in the dressage judge’s stand and signed release are to be placed folder above the mail box.  Please PRINT your name on the top of the release form. If you don’t bring a signed release form with you, there will be some forms available in the folder.
  • Make checks payable to Stone Gate LLC.  If you are paying by cash; please put you name on a piece of paper (available in the gray folder) with the cash.
  • You must have a ground person
  • Please wear a safety vest and a medical armband with an emergency contact person and number if it is not your ground person.
  • You may warm up in the jumping ring, but if the good show jumps are set up there will be an addition $15 charge.  Keep in mind if you break a good show jump rail you will be charged $30 to replace it.
  • Only jump fences that you and your horse are comfortable jumping
  • Please limit the number of times you jump a fence to preserve footing, especially if conditions are less than idea.
  • If you have gone through a fence line that has been opened for you or if you opened it yourself; please remember to close it when you’re done.
  • You may use a stall to tack up, but please make sure it is clean before you leave
  • If you notice any holes or fences that are in need of repair, please let us know.
  • Be safe and have fun!!