Cross Country Course Decorating Contest

Rock Garden

2017 Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials Course Decoration

You are invited to take part in the  Cross Country Jump Decorating Contest.  A fun way for the Intercollegiate teams, Pony Clubs or stables to display their team spirit or simply friends and individuals having some fun while tapping into their creative side.

Use flowers, ferns or other items to create a theme or simply make your fences look great.  Fences will be judged by the President of the Ground Jury and the Technical Delegate.  The prize is a $150 gift certificate redeemable for cross country schooling and/or cross country lessons at Stone Gate Farm OR  $100 cash.

Please use the Sign Up Genius where you can choose the fences you would like to decorate. Cross country maps can be found on the SGF Horse Trials page  Please read the rules and guidelines before registering.

Questions??? Contact Jackie via at  or call/test 330-277-6964

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  • Decorations may be put up the week before the event and MUST be completed by 3:00 on Sat Sept 16.  Fences in the pasture won’t be available for decoration until Thurs evening as the horses turned out may destroy them.  You may bring the decorations out earlier in the week and we’ll find a safe spot for them 😉
  • Entrants are to provide their own decorations which should be picked up by the end of the competition or as soon as possible after the event.  However, some pumpkins, gourds and mums WILL be available.
  • Management will water plants brought earlier in the week. 
  • The President of the Ground Jury and the Technical Delegate will be the judges and the winners will be announced at the beginning of Cross Country on Sunday
  • The winner(s) will receive a gift certificate in the amount of $150 to be redeemed for cross country schooling and /or cross country lessons OR $100 cash!


  • Plants/Decorations must be safe and not interfere with the fence
  • No flags of any sorts may be used.  Banners are allowed but must be secured and on the back side of the fence
  • Plants/Decorations should enhance the fence not take away from it or ‘hide’ any portion of the fence
  • The back side of spread fences must be visible where the horse is expected to jump
  • Nothing sharp may be used
  • If using decorations that are solid nothing may be used that has holes or openings that could ‘accommodate’ a hoof
  • Nothing may be used that a horse may become entangled or impeded (wire, mesh, string etc.)
  • Plants/Decorations on the landing side of the fence must not extend more than 12” – 18” past the fence
  • Narrow fences aka ‘skinnies’ may not have anything higher than 18” nor extend to the sides more than 18”
  • Signs of logos, farm names, companies etc may be used but must not be larger than 3’ x 3’